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First Name Last Name Title Co-Authors Abstract / Paper Upload
James Lo How Do Biological Neural Networks Encode, Learn, Memorize and Generalize as a "Learning Machine"? James Lo View PDF
Santani Teng The Evolution of Tactile Letter Representations in Blind Braille Readers Santani Teng, Radoslaw Cichy, Dimitrios Pantazis, Aude Oliva View PDF
Marcelo Mattar A Rational Model of Prioritized Experience Replay Marcelo Mattar, Nathaniel Daw View PDF
Weige (Charlie) Zhao First Order Tactile Neurons with Complex Receptive Fields: A Neural Instantiation of Compressed Sensing? Weige (Charlie) Zhao, Mark Daley, Andrew Pruszynski View PDF
Ana Mafalda Vicente Amygdala-Striatal Interactions in Instrumental Learning Ana Mafalda Vicente, Paolo Botta, Rui M. Costa View PDF
Rishi Rajalingham Feedforward Deep Neural Networks Diverge from Humans and Monkeys on Core Visual Object Recognition Behavior Rishi Rajalingham, Elias B. Issa, Kailyn Schmidt, Kohitij Kar, James J. DiCarlo View PDF
Robert Mok Mokset: A shared stimulus set for object vision research Robert Mok, Johannes Mehrer, Nikolaus Kriegeskorte View PDF
Eleanor Batty Deep Networks for Decoding Natural Images from Retinal Signals Eleanor Batty, Nikhil Parthasarathy, William Falcon, Thomas Rutten, Mohit Rajpal, E.J. Chichilnisky, Liam Paninski View PDF
Guangzhi Tang NeuRobotics: A Spiking Neural Network Model of the Brain’s Spatial Navigation System for Autonomous Robots Guangzhi Tang, Konstantinos Michmizos View PDF
Mark Lescroart Unique Variance Found by Variance Partitioning is Superior to Total Variance Explained as a Model Comparison Metric Mark Lescroart, Anwar Nunez-Elizalde, Jack Gallant View PDF
Paria Rezaeinia Using Hitting-Time Interdecile Differences to Identify Brain Networks with Path-Like Features Paria Rezaeinia, R. McKell Carter View PDF
Fitz Sturgill Distinct Flavors of Prediction Error Signals in Forebrain Cholinergic and Midbrain Dopaminergic Neurons during Reinforcement Learning Fitz Sturgill, Adam kepecs View PDF
Rufin VanRullen Predictive Coding and Neural Communication Delays Produce Alpha-Band Oscillatory Impulse Response Functions Rufin VanRullen View PDF
Ari Benjamin Color Tuning Curves in V4 Do Not Generalize to Natural Images Ari Benjamin, Pavan Ramkumar, Hugo Fernandes, Matthew Smith, Konrad Kording View PDF
Sergio Angulo Cortical Ensembles Based on Dendritic Plateau Generation in the Prefrontal Cortex Sergio Angulo, Joe Graham, Peng Gao, Salvador Dura-Bernal, Samuel Neymotin, Srdjan Antic, William Lytton View PDF
Shannon Tubridy A Hierarchical Bayesian Approach to Inferring Mnemonic Status from the Brain Shannon Tubridy, David Halpern, Lila Davachi, Todd Gureckis View PDF
Richard Murray A Reverse Correlation Test of Computational Models of Lightness Perception Richard Murray, Minjung Kim, Jason Gold View PDF
Matthew Ricci A Dichotomy of Visual Relations Matthew Ricci, Junkyung Kim, Dan Shiebler, Thomas Serre View PDF
Grace Lindsay Understanding Biological Visual Attention Using Convolutional Neural Networks Grace Lindsay, Ken Miller View PDF
Hsin-Hung Li Human confidence report with multiple alternatives Hsin-Hung Li, Wei Ji Ma View PDF
Yalda Mohsenzadeh Unconscious Perception of Scenes Reveals a Perceptual Neural Signature of Memorability Yalda Mohsenzadeh, Aude Oliva, Dimitrios Pantazis View PDF
Kevin Feigelis Modular Task Learning in an Embodied Two-Dimensional Visual Environment Kevin Feigelis, Daniel Yamins View PDF
Ian Ballard Hippocampal Pattern Separation Supports Reinforcement Learning Ian Ballard, Samuel McClure View PDF
Laurence Hunt Distributed Mechanisms Supporting Information Search and Value-Based Choice in Prefrontal Cortex Laurence Hunt, Nishantha Malalasekera, Archy de Berker, Bruno Miranda, Simon Farmer, Tim Behrens, Steve Kennerley View PDF
Ida Momennejad Offline Replay Supports Planning: FMRI Evidence from Reward Revaluation Ida Momennejad, Ross Otto, Nathaniel Daw, Kenneth Norman View PDF
Mingyu Song History Effects in a Minimalistic Explore-Exploit Task Mingyu Song, Zahy Bnaya, Wei Ji Ma View PDF
Blake Richards Deep Learning with Segregated Dendrites Jordan Guerguiev, Timothy Lillicrap, Blake Richards View PDF
Emin Orhan When Do Neural Networks Learn Sequential Solutions in Short-Term Memory Tasks? Emin Orhan, Wei Ji Ma View PDF
Luca Vizioli Task-Related Top-Down Modulations Are More Pronounced in Inner Cortical Depths of Human Visual Cortex Luca Vizioli, Keith Jamison, Kendrick Kay View PDF
H.Steven Scholte Visual Pathways from the Perspective of Multi-Task Dnns H.Steven Scholte, Max Losch, Kandan Ramakrishnan, Sander Bohte View PDF
Ruyuan Zhang Attentional Field Model Does Not Explain Task-Dependent Spatial Representation in Human Ventral Temporal Cortex Ruyuan Zhang, Kendrick Kay View PDF
Laurent Venance Interplay between Multiple Plasticities and Activity Dependent rules: Data, Models and Possible Impact on Learning Gaetan Vignoud, Alexandre Mendes, Sylvie Perez, Jonathan Touboul, Laurent Venance View PDF
Teppei Matsui Brain-Wide Mapping of Stimulus Induced Variability Quenching Reveals Modularity of Cortical Network Teppei Matsui, Tomonari Murakami, Kenichi Ohki View PDF
Dobromir Rahnev Decreasing Sensory Noise Lowers Metacognitive Efficiency Dobromir Rahnev, Ji Won Bang, Medha Shekhar View PDF
Jun Tani Cognitive Neurorobotics Study Using Predictive Coding Framework Jun Tani View PDF
Leila Wehbe Deep Multi-View Representation Learning of Brain Responses to Natural Stimuli Leila Wehbe, Anwar Nunez-Elizalde, Alexander Huth, Fatma Deniz, Natalia Bilenko, Jack Gallant View PDF
Katherine Storrs Architecture matters: How Well Neural Networks Explain It Representation Does Not Depend on Depth and Performance Alone Katherine Storrs, Johannes Mehrer, Alexander Walther, Nikolaus Kriegeskorte View PDF
Prannath Moolchand Towards a Computational Account of Theta Band (4-8 Hz) Power Modulation in the Subthalamic Nucleus under Response Conflict Prannath Moolchand, Stephanie Jones, Michael Frank View PDF
Dimitrios Pantazis Feedforward and Feedback Neural Processing Revealed with MEG-fMRI Fusion Dimitrios Pantazis, Yalda Mohsenzadeh, Radoslaw Cichy, Aude Oliva View PDF
Ghislain St-Yves Decoding Brain-Like Representations with a Generative Adversarial Network Ghislain St-Yves, Thomas Naselaris View PDF
Thomas Naselaris A Theory of Mental Imagery Jessica Breedlove, Ghislain St-Yves, Thomas Naselaris View PDF
Daniel Leeds Modeling Mid-Level Visual Representations through Clustering in a Convolutional Neural Network Daniel Leeds, Shane Hyde View PDF
Kevin Miller Habits without Values Kevin Miller, Amitai Shenhav, Elliot Ludvig View PDF
Flora Bouchacourt Hebbian Mechanisms and Temporal Contiguity for Unsupervised Task-Set Learning Flora Bouchacourt, Stefano Palminteri, Etienne Koechlin, Srdjan Ostojic View PDF
Amir-Hossein Karimi Synthesizing Deep Neural Network Architectures Using Biological Synaptic Strength Distributions Amir-Hossein Karimi, Mohammad Javad Shafiee, Ali Ghodsi, Alexander Wong View PDF
Mohammad Javad Shafiee Exploring the Imposition of Synaptic Precision Restrictions for Evolutionary Synthesis of Deep Neural Networks Mohammad Javad Shafiee, Francis Li, Alexander Wong View PDF
Eric Weiss Vector-Symbolic Representations for Visual Scene Analysis Eric Weiss, Bruno Olshausen View PDF
Devika Narain Bayesian Integration Using Latent Dynamics Devika Narain, Hansem Sohn, Mehrdad Jazayeri View PDF
Morteza Sarafyazd Reasoning about Cognitive Errors in Nonhuman Primates Morteza Sarafyazd, Mehrdad Jazayeri View PDF
Aspen Yoo Resource Allocation and Confidence in Visual Working Memory Aspen Yoo, Zuzanna Klyszejko, Wei Ji Ma, Clayton Curtis View PDF
Thomas O'Connell Reconstructing spatial attention in the human brain: Deep neural network activity decoded from fMRI responses to scenes predicts eye movements Thomas O'Connell, Marvin Chun View PDF
Silvia Lopez-Guzman A Precise Computational Measure of Impulsivity that Signals Relevant Outcomes in Opioid Addiction Treatment Silvia Lopez-Guzman, Anna Konova, Kenway Louie, Paul Glimcher View PDF
Helen Blank Speech Perception and Deception Linked to Neural Representations of Prediction Error Helen Blank, Marlene Spangenberg, Matthew Davis View PDF
Spencer Kent A Vector Symbolic Approach to Scene Transformation Spencer Kent, Bruno Olshausen View PDF
Oliver Vikbladh Episodic Contributions to Model-Based Reinforcement Learning Oliver Vikbladh, Daphna Shohamy, Nathaniel Daw View PDF
Katarzyna Jaworska Healthy Ageing Delays by 40 Ms the Processing of the Face Features that Underlie Face Detection Behavior Katarzyna Jaworska, Fei Yi, Robin Ince, Philippe Schyns, Guillaume Rousselet View PDF
Kurt Braunlich Occipitotemporal Representations Are Modulated by Conceptual Knowledge and Interact with a Frontoparietal Network Kurt Braunlich, Bradley C. Love View PDF
Jeffrey Seely Propagating Targets through Noninvertible Layers of Deep Networks Jeffrey Seely, Raoul-Martin Memmesheimer, Larry Abbott View PDF
Frank Tong Failure of Deep Networks at Recognizing Objects in Visual Noise: Comparisons with Human Behavioral Performance Frank Tong, Hojin Jang View PDF
Rachel Field Disruption and Repair of Cortical Excitatory-Inhibitory Balance Rachel Field, James D'Amour, Robert Froemke View PDF
Christiane Ahlheim Estimating the Functional Dimensionality of Neural Representations Christiane Ahlheim, Bradley C. Love View PDF
Xaq Pitkow Inferring Inference Rajkumar Vasudeva Raju, Xaq Pitkow View PDF
Hillary Levinson Multivariate Pattern Analysis Reveals Semantic Information in Brain Areas Activated for Nonwords Hillary Levinson, Samantha Mattheiss, William Graves View PDF
Bruno Richard Local Masking in Natural Videos Bruno Richard, Jake Whritner, Patrick Shafto View PDF
Nicholas Soures How Neural Plasticity Boosts Performance of Spiking Neural Networks Nicholas Soures, Abdullah Zyarah, Kristofor Carlson, Brad Aimone, Dhireesha Kudithipudi View PDF
Romain Quentin Tracking Working Memory Content Processing with MEG Romain Quentin, Jean-Remi King, Sallard Etienne, Fishman Nathan, Buch Ethan, Thompson Ryan, Cohen Leonardo View PDF
Ruben Coen-Cagli Variability of V1 Population Responses to Natural Images Reflects Probabilistic Inference Ruben Coen-Cagli, Adam Kohn View PDF
Ili Ma Information Sampling in Trust Decisions Ili Ma, Alan G. Sanfey, Wei Ji Ma View PDF
Lars Muckli Studying Feedforward and Feedback Signal Integration Lars Muckli, Andrew T Morgan, Lucy S Petro View PDF
Dick van den Broek The Best Spike Filter Kernel is a Neuron Dick van den Broek, Marvin Uhlmann, Renato Duarte, Hartmut Fitz, Karl-Magnus Petersson, Peter Hagoort View PDF
Eric Di Tomasso A Computational Model of Auditory Entrainment Shems Saleh, Eric Di Tomasso View PDF
Zhen Hao Wu Training Neural Networks with Multi State Extended Kalman Filters Zhen Hao Wu, Hyunmin Lee View PDF
Kasper Vinken Deep Neural Networks and Visual Processing in the Rat Kasper Vinken, Hans Op de Beeck View PDF
Torben Ott Confidence Representations across Modalities in Orbitofrontal Cortex Paul Masset, Torben Ott, Adam Kepecs View PDF
Paul Masset Resolving the Reversal Paradox of Memory Confidence Paul Masset, Adam Kepecs View PDF
Benedicte Babayan State Inference Modulation of Dopamine Reward Prediction Errors Benedicte Babayan, Naoshige Uchida, Samuel Gershman View PDF
Angela Radulescu Reward-Sensitive Attention Dynamics during Human Reinforcement Learning Angela Radulescu, Yuan Chang Leong, Yael Niv View PDF
Yeon Soon Shin Latent Cause Inference in Social Biases Yeon Soon Shin, Yael Niv View PDF
Bryan Conklin In Search of an Objective Measure of Working Memory Bryan Conklin, William Hahn, Nicholas Dotson, Rodrigo Salazar, Charles Gray, Steven Bressler View PDF
Ravi Sojitra The Dynamics of Human Visual Experiences Ravi Sojitra, Wai Keen Vong, Patrick Shafto View PDF
Michael Craig Classifying Resting and Task State Brain Connectivity Matrices Using Graph Convolutional Networks Michael Craig, Ioannis Pappas, Stefan Winzeck, Lydia Vinals, David Menon, Emmanuel Stamatakis View PDF
Thomas Ringstrom Compositional Constraint Satisfaction Control Thomas Ringstrom, Paul Schrater View PDF
Natalia Vélez Two Heads Are Better than One: Integrating Incomplete Information with Imperfect Advice Natalia Vélez, Hyowon Gweon View PDF
Long Ni Modeling Interference in the N-Back Task Long Ni, Wei Ji Ma View PDF
Steven Pyle Evolution of Biologically-Inspired Ion Channel Neural Networks for Simple Brain Behaviours Steven Pyle, Pamela Douglas View PDF
Anwar Nunez-Elizalde Improving Predictive Models Using Non-Spherical Gaussian Priors Anwar Nunez-Elizalde, Alexander Huth, Jack Gallant View PDF
Brad Wyble Adaptive Sparsity: Remembering less to learn more Brad Wyble, Garrett Swan, John Sustersic, Sara Jamshidi View PDF
Michael Nunez EEG measures of neural processing speed reflect human visual encoding time Michael Nunez, Aishwarya Gosai, Joachim Vandekerckhove, Ramesh Srinivasan View PDF
Dominic Mussack A Model of Human Task Switching as Optimal Time Allocation Dominic Mussack, Paul Schrater View PDF
SiQi Zhou A Comparison of Probabilistic Population Code and Sampling-Based Code in Neural State Estimations SiQi Zhou View PDF
Shaoming Wang Informative and Affective Neural Pathways underlying Explore-Exploit Tradeoffs Shaoming Wang, David Smith, Mauricio Delgado View PDF
Patrick McClure Representing Uncertainty in Visual Perception Using Pre-Synaptic Gaussian Noise and Sampling Patrick McClure, Nikolaus Kriegeskorte View PDF
James Thompson Pavlovian-Instrumental Interactions during Social Reinforcement Learning James Thompson, Margaret Westwater View PDF
Jérôme Dockès Relating Brain Structures to Open-Ended Descriptions of Cognition Jérôme Dockès, Olivier Grisel, Joan Massich, Fabian Suchanek, Bertrand Thirion, Gaël Varoquaux View PDF
Cristina Savin Two-In-One: A Circuit Optimised for Recollection Predicts Recognition Behavior Cristina Savin, Mate Lengyel View PDF
Andrew Murphy The role of network architecture and control in working memory Andrew Murphy, Rastko Ciric, Graham Baum, David Roalf, Theodore Satterthwaite, Danielle Bassett View PDF
Konstantinos Michmizos On the Computational Roles of Astrocytes Leo Kozachkov, Konstantinos Michmizos View PDF
Bas van Opheusden Modeling Decision Tree Search in a Two-Player Game Bas van Opheusden, Gianni Galbiati, Yunqi Li, Wei Ji Ma View PDF
Paul Levy Asymmetric Saccadic Suppression: Preserved Luminance Sensitivity along the Saccade Trajectory Paul Levy, Marc Zirnsak, Lars Michels, Tirin Moore, Roozbeh Kiani View PDF
Mark Ho Showing versus Doing: Teaching by Demonstration Mark Ho, Michael Littman, James MacGlashan, Fiery Cushman, Joseph Austerweil View PDF
Hans Op de Beeck Is a Cow Mug a Cow or a mug? Object Appearance, but Not Semantics, is Represented in the Human Category-Selective Cortex Stefania Bracci, Ioannis Kalfas, Hans Op de Beeck View PDF
Eric Wong A Multivariate Autoregressive Model to Describe Whole-Brain Bold fMRI Dynamics Eric Wong View PDF
Jean-Remi KING Tracking the Canonical Computations of Perceptual Processing in a Continuous Sensory Flow Jean-Remi KING, Valentin WYART View PDF
Martin Wiener Towards Improved Sharing of Model Code in Computational Cognitive Neuroscience Martin Wiener View PDF
Ruohan Zhang Attention Guided Deep Imitation Learning Ruohan Zhang, Zhuode Liu, Mary Hayhoe, Dana Ballard View PDF
Marvin Uhlmann Ambiguity Resolution in a Spiking Network Model of Sentence Comprehension Marvin Uhlmann, Dick van den Broek, Hartmut Fitz, Peter Hagoort, Karl-Magnus Petersson View PDF
Daniel Bennett The Decision Decoding Toolbox (DDTBOX): A Multivariate Pattern Analysis Toolbox for Event-Related Potentials Daniel Bennett, Daniel Feuerriegel, Phillip Alday, Stefan Bode View PDF
Craig Taswell The Ventral-Striatum's Role in Learning from Gains and Losses Craig Taswell, Bruno Averbeck, Vincent Costa View PDF
Andre Bastos Laminar-Specific Activity in Frontal Cortex Suggests Mechanisms for Control of Working Memory Andre Bastos, Roman Loonis, Simon Kornblith, Michael Lundqvist, Earl Miller View PDF
Jee Hyun Choi Cortically Projecting Basal Forebrain Parvalbumin Positive Neurons Alter the Scale-Free Properties of Auditory Steady-State Responses Jee Hyun Choi, Eunjin Hwang View PDF
Mehran Moradi Influence of Attentional Modulation on the Construction of Reward Value Mehran Moradi, Emily Chu, Alireza Soltani View PDF
Keno Juechems Medial Prefrontal Cortex Adopts Multiple Frames of Reference for Value and Context during Maximization of Multiple Outcomes Keno Juechems, Jan Balaguer, Santiago Herce-Castañón, Jill O'Reilly, Christopher Summerfield View PDF
Zhengwei Wu Inferring latent states from foraging behavior Arun Kumar, Zhengwei Wu, Neda Shahibi, Valentin Dragoi, Xaq Pitkow, Paul Schrater View PDF
Kyriacos Nikiforou Identifying Information Broadcast in Complex Networks Kyriacos Nikiforou, Pedro A. M. Mediano, Murray Shanahan View PDF
Pedro Mediano Implementation of Attentional Bistability in a Computational Model of the Dragonfly Visual System Juan Carlos Farah, Christos Kaplanis, Christopher Snowden, Luka Milic, Zafeirios Fountas, Pedro Mediano View PDF
Jörn Diedrichsen Task-Evoked Activity Outperforms Spontaneous Neural Fluctuations in Characterizing Cortico-Cerebellar Connectivity Jörn Diedrichsen, Maedbh King, Richard Ivry View PDF
Simon Davis Stimulation-Based Control of Working Memory Computations Simon Davis, Courtney Crowell, Lysianne Beynel, Wesley Lim, Sarah Lisanby, Angel Peterchev, Bruce Luber, Greg Appelbaum, Roberto Cabeza View PDF
Steven Frankland Basal Ganglia Contributions to Logical Operations in Humans Steven Frankland, Joshua Greene View PDF
Constantin Rothkopf Inferring Intrinsic Costs in Natural Behavior through Inverse Reinforcement Learning Constantin Rothkopf View PDF
Nikolaus Kriegeskorte Cognitive Computational Neuroscience Nikolaus Kriegeskorte, Pamela Douglas View PDF
Farzaneh S. Fard An Actor Critic with an Internal Model Farzaneh S. Fard, Abraham Nunes, Thomas Trappenberg View PDF
Kendrick Kay Principles for Models of Neural Information Processing Kendrick Kay View PDF
Owen Parsons Predicting Cognitive Empathy from Face Specific Neural Signatures Owen Parsons, Richard Bethlehem, Jan Freyberg, Simon Baron-Cohen View PDF
Michael Bonner Computational mechanisms underlying fMRI responses to affordance properties in visual scenes Michael Bonner, Russell Epstein View PDF
Andrew Valenti A Neural Field Model of Sequence Perception Andrew Valenti, Bradley Oosterveld, Matthias Scheutz View PDF
Sanjeevan Ahilan Forgetful inference in a sophisticated world model Sanjeevan Ahilan, Rebecca Solomon, Kent Conover, Ritwik Niyogi, Peter Shizgal, Peter Dayan View PDF
Junaid Merchant Replicable Brain-Cognition Correlations Require Larger Sample Sizes Charles Lynch, Junaid Merchant, Chandan Vaidya View PDF
Adrian Haith Response Time Determines Response Selection in Cognitive Control Adrian Haith, Robert Hardwick, Montrell Vass View PDF
valeria caruso Multiplexing in Face Selective Cortex: Evidence of Flexible Trial-By-Trial and Sub-Trial Representations of Multiple Stimuli valeria caruso, Akinori Ebihara, Surya Tokdar, Winrich Freiwald, Jennifer Groh View PDF
Tao Tu Two Neural Mechanisms Underlie the Perceptual Decision Bias towards Faces Tao Tu, Paul Sajda View PDF
Florian Colombo BachProp: A Trainable Generative Model of Music Scores Florian Colombo, Wulfram Gerstner View PDF
Olga Lositsky Weak Fusion of Cue Predictions in Context-Based Decisions Olga Lositsky, Michael Shvartsman, Robert C. Wilson, Jonathan D. Cohen View PDF
Hartmut Fitz Activity-Silent Short-Term Memory for Language Processing Hartmut Fitz, Dick van den Broek, Marvin Uhlmann, Renato Duarte, Peter Hagoort, Karl-Magnus Petersson View PDF
Christoph Weidemann Spectral Eeg Features Track Unitary Recognition Memory Signal Christoph Weidemann, Michael Kahana View PDF
Seyed-Mahdi Khaligh-Razavi Tracking the Spatiotemporal Neural Dynamics of Object Properties in the Human Brain Seyed-Mahdi Khaligh-Razavi, Radoslaw Cichy, Dimitrios Pantazis, Aude Oliva View PDF
Marieke Mur Representational Dynamics: The Temporal Evolution of Neural Population Coding in Nonhuman Primate Inferior Temporal Cortex Marieke Mur, Andrew Bell, Nicholas Malecek, Elyse Morin, John Duncan, Nikolaus Kriegeskorte View PDF
Kamila Jozwik Animacy Dimensions Ratings and Approach for Decorrelating Stimuli Dimensions Kamila Jozwik, Ian Charest, Nikolaus Kriegeskorte, Radoslaw Cichy View PDF
Elizabeth Shay Between-Subjects Neural Decoding of Phrase Representations Outperforms Word2Vec Decoding Elizabeth Shay, Benjamin Zinszer, Rajeev Raizada View PDF
Raphael Kaplan Using Markov Decision Processes to Model Planning in Novel Environments Raphael Kaplan, Karl Friston View PDF
Luca Mazzucato Metastable Cortical Dynamics Drive Anticipatory Neural Activity Luca Mazzucato, Giancarlo La Camera, Alfredo Fontanini View PDF
Philipp Schwartenbeck Building Models of the World: Neural Mechanisms of Bayesian Model Averaging Philipp Schwartenbeck, Thomas FitzGerald, Christoph Mathys, Ray Dolan, Martin Kronbichler, Karl Friston View PDF
Sergio Romano Bayesian Selection of Grammar Productions for the Language of Thought Sergio Romano, Alejo Salles, Marie Amalric, Stanislas Dehaene, Mariano Sigman, Santiago Figueria View PDF
Courtney Spoerer Recurrent Convolutional Neural Networks Suppress Occluders and Enhance Targets in Occluded Object Recognition Courtney Spoerer, Nikolaus Kriegeskorte View PDF
Samantha Cohen Engaging Narratives Evoke Similar Neural Activity and Lead to Similar Time Perception Samantha Cohen, Simon Henin, Lucas Parra View PDF
Yaara Erez Behavioral Significance Modulates Attentional Competition in Frontoparietal Cortex Yaara Erez, John Duncan View PDF
Jeffrey Siskind Neural Representation of Minimal Syntactic Units Charles Bradley, Jeffrey Siskind, Ronnie Wilbur View PDF
Johannes Mehrer Deep Neural Networks Trained on Ecologically Relevant Categories Better explain human IT Johannes Mehrer, Tim C. Kietzmann, Nikolaus Kriegeskorte View PDF
Davide Zambrano Continuous-Time Neural Reinforcement Learning for Decision-Making Problems Davide Zambrano, Pieter Roelfsema, Sander Bohte View PDF
Esti Blanco-Elorrieta Decoding Language Switching in the Bilingual Brain Esti Blanco-Elorrieta, Karen Emmorey, Liina Pylkkänen View PDF
Anirudh Wodeyar Functional Connectivity Using Complex-Gaussian Graphical Models of EEG Anirudh Wodeyar, Ramesh Srinivasan View PDF
Paul Ferré Fully Feedforward Unsupervised Features Learning in Early Visual Layers with Binary-STDP Paul Ferré, Franck Mamalet, Simon Thorpe View PDF
Wenhao Zhang Congruent and opposite Neurons: Neural Substrate of a Complete Picture of Multisensory Processing Wenhao Zhang, He Wang, Tai Sing Lee, K.Y. Michael Wong, Si Wu View PDF
Martin Chadwick Semantic Gist Arises from Vector Space Composition in the Temporal Pole Martin Chadwick, Dharshan Kumaran, Oriol Vinyals, Hugo Spiers, Demis Hassabis View PDF
Christopher Baldassano Discovering Event Structure in Continuous Narrative Perception and Memory Christopher Baldassano, Janice Chen, Asieh Zadbood, Jonathan Pillow, Uri Hasson, Kenneth Norman View PDF
William Graves Using Representations from Artificial Neural Network Models of Reading to Reveal Neural Activation Patterns for Different Reading Computations William Graves View PDF
Shiva GhaaniFarashahi Your Favorite Color Makes Learning More Adaptable and Precise Shiva GhaaniFarashahi, Katherine Rowe, Zohra Aslami, Daeyeol Lee, Alireza Soltani View PDF
Nicola van Rijsbergen Information-Theoretic Redundancy Reveals the Dynamic Construction of Behaviorally-Relevant Representations in the Ventral Stream Nicola van Rijsbergen, Robin Ince, Joachim Gross, Philippe Schyns View PDF
Wouter Kruijne Simultaneously Learning External Actions and Internal Gating for Multi-Item Working Memory Wouter Kruijne, Sander Bohte, Pieter Roelfsema, Christian Olivers View PDF
Teresa Karrer A Computational Approach towards Automated Health Research Policies: Data-Guided Screening of Impaired Mental Domains in Schizophrenia Teresa Karrer, Danielle Bassett, Danilo Bzdok View PDF
Anna Kasdan Decoding of Auditory Sequences in Working Memory Using Meg Anna Kasdan, David Poeppel, Jean-Remi KING View PDF
Neelesh Kumar Camera-Based Detection of the Early Stages of Fatigue: Validation with Meg and Self-Assessment Data Neelesh Kumar, Chintan Trivedi, Lezi Wang, Dimitrios Pantazis, Dimitris N. Metaxas, Konstantinos Michmizos View PDF
Leyla Isik Invariant Recognition drives neural representations of action sequences Leyla Isik, Andrea Tacchetti, Tomaso Poggio View PDF
Leyla Tarhan Modeling the Neural Structure Underlying Human Action Perception Leyla Tarhan, Talia Konkle View PDF
David Soto How the Human Brain Introspects about One's Own Cognition and Behavior David Soto, Mona Theodoraki, Pedro M. Paz-Alonso View PDF
Alona Fyshe The neural representation of concepts during composition Alona Fyshe, Esti Blanco-Elorrieta, Liina Pylkkänen View PDF
Lav Varshney Optimal Energy Allocation in Reliable Neural Sensory Processing Avhishek Chatterjee, Lav Varshney View PDF
William T. Adler When making confidence judgments, people take into account bottom-up and top-down stimulus uncertainty William T. Adler, Rachel N. Denison, Marisa Carrasco, Wei Ji Ma View PDF
Suresh Kirthi Kumaraswamy Bank of Weight Filters in CNNs: A Case for Life Long Learning with Memory Suresh Kirthi Kumaraswamy, PS Sastry, KR Ramakrishnan View PDF
Leila Reddy Using DNNs as a Yardstick for Estimating the Representational Value of Oscillatory Brain Signals. Leila Reddy, Radoslaw Cichy, Rufin VanRullen View PDF
Sebastian Bobadilla Suarez Measures of Neural Similarity Sebastian Bobadilla Suarez, Bradley C. Love View PDF
Drew Linsley Driving Deep Networks towards Human Vision Drew Linsley, Sven Eberhart, Thomas Serre View PDF
Chris Foster Decoding Word Semantics and Learning in EEG Data via an Artificial Language Chris Foster, Chad C. Williams, Olave E. Krigolson, Alona Fyshe View PDF
Andreas Krug Adaptation of the Event-Related Potential Technique for Analyzing Artificial Neural Nets Andreas Krug, Sebastian Stober View PDF
Kiran Vodrahalli A Temporal Decay Model for Mapping between fMRI and Natural Language Annotations Kiran Vodrahalli, Cathy Chen, Viola Mocz, Christopher Baldassano, Uri Hasson, Sanjeev Arora, Kenneth Norman View PDF
Ondrej Zika Investigating the Dynamics of Pain-Related Learning Ondrej Zika, Ben Crittenden, Rafal Bogacz, Katja Wiech View PDF
Robin Ince A General Framework for Quantifying Representational Interactions Using Information Theory Robin Ince, Nicola van Rijsbergen, Hyojin Park, Joachim Gross, Philippe Schyns View PDF
Volker Tresp Tensor Memories Volker Tresp, Yunpu Ma, Stephan Baier View PDF
Jason Webster A Data-Driven Method for Investigating Cortical Functional Organization Jason Webster, Ione Fine View PDF
Kelsey McDonald Inferring Individual Goals Using Inverse Reinforcement Learning Kelsey McDonald, Shariq Iqbal, Scott Huettel, John Pearson View PDF
Chaitanya Ryali Contextual Dependence of Human Preference for Complex Objects: A Bayesian Statistical Account Chaitanya Ryali, Angela Yu View PDF
Andres Campero A First Step in Combining Cognitive Event Features and Natural Language Representations to Predict Emotions Andres Campero, Bjarke Felbo, Josh Tenenbaum, Rebecca Saxe View PDF
Laurie Bayet Dynamics of Audiovisual Representations in the Adult Brain Using a Child-Friendly Stimulus Set Laurie Bayet, Zoe Pruitt, Radoslaw Cichy, Charles Nelson, Richard Aslin View PDF
Randall Ellis Decoding Visual Images from Neuronal Calcium Responses Using Deep Neural Networks Randall Ellis, Mike Michaelides View PDF
Stefano Anzellotti Nonlinear Statistical Dependence Outperforms Linear Dependence in Bayesian Inferences about the Neural Networks Underlying Simulated fMRI Data Stefano Anzellotti, Dae Houlihan, Rebecca Saxe View PDF
Silvan Quax Object Recognition as Evidence Integration in Recurrent Neural Networks Silvan Quax, Marcel A.J. van Gerven View PDF
Thomas Schatz ASR Systems as Models of Phonetic Category Perception Thomas Schatz, Francis Bach, Emmanuel Dupoux View PDF
Samuel Pavio Muscinelli Long Timescale Sequence Recognition Using Adaptive Neural Networks Samuel Pavio Muscinelli, Wulfram Gerstner View PDF
Yaelan Jung Modality-Independent Coding of Concepts in Prefrontal Cortex Yaelan Jung, Bart Larsen, Dirk Walther View PDF
Md. Shoaibur Rahman Probabilistic Inference in Multi-Finger Touch Md. Shoaibur Rahman, Akshat Patel, Jeffrey Yau View PDF
Emilie Josephs Dissociable Representations of Objects, Scenes, and Intermediate Views Emilie Josephs, Talia Konkle View PDF
Pablo Tano Variability in Prior Expectations Explains Biases in Confidence Reports Pablo Tano, Florent Meyniel, Mariano Sigman, Alejo Salles View PDF
Lucy Lai Multisensory Context Warps Time Perception Lucy Lai, John Magnotti, Jeffrey Yau View PDF
Bowen Xu Fast Weights Using Improved Memory Consolidation Designs Bowen Xu, Jimmy Ba, Richard Zemel View PDF
Tom Chen Encoding the Feedback Pathway of the Ventral Stream Tom Chen View PDF
David Huber A Grid/Place Cell Model of Episodic Memory and Spatial Navigation in the Medial Temporal Lobe David Huber, Trygve Solstad View PDF
Alireza Hashemi Modeling Integration of Motion-Direction Change-Detection in Human Vision Alireza Hashemi, Fredrick Kingdom View PDF
Michael Cole Computational Network Mechanisms of Task-Evoked Functional Connectivity Michael Cole, Takuya Ito View PDF
Ming Bo Cai Spurious Structure in Representational Similarity Analysis and a Bayesian Approach to Reducing Bias in Rsa of fMRI Data Ming Bo Cai, Nicolas Schuck, Jonathan Pillow, Yael Niv View PDF
Dylan Festa Modeling Uncertainty About Low--level Features of Natural Images Dylan Festa, Ruben Coen-Cagli View PDF
Leyla Roksan Caglar Deep Networks Predict Attentional Bias in Category Learning Leyla Roksan Caglar, Stephen Jose Hanson, Catherine Hanson View PDF
Hsiang-Yun Chien A Model for Sequential Processing and Sequence Learning Hsiang-Yun Chien, Christopher Honey View PDF
Kai Krueger The Emergent platform™ for Community Ccn Randy O'Reilly, Kai Krueger, Brian Mingus, John Rohrlich View PDF
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